So to avoid falling into certain traps, I become your reference and I guide you, I help you make the right clothing choices according to your physiognomy, whatever your budget.

Fall in love with your outfits again and embellish your wardrobe with the essentials that will help you while creating your perfect outfits.

From the comfort of your home or my showroom, I can help you :

Forfait d'une journée avec tous les services de consultations vestimentaires
  • Analyze your figure
  • Clean your closet
  • Mix and match your clothes
  • Go shopping for your missing pieces
  • Complement your accessories outfits that will highlight you
  • Discover beauty tips that will bring out your natural beauty
  • Find the perfect dress for a special occasion such as prom, gala, wedding dress, etc.
  • Organize your next girls night out

I also offer to go with you during your shopping sessions. I will show you how to make good clothing choices by taking the time to explain you why choose one garment rather than another, so you can become self-sufficient in your shopping.

Clothing ? A way to have our own style, to feel beautiful, to show our personality and to hide our imperfections.

Are you looking for an original idea for your next girls night out, a bachelorette, a Sweet 16 or a surprise for a birthday ? I will make sure you have a memorable event with your friends !

  • Fashion workshop >>>
  • Makeup workshop
  • Clothing exchange
  • Dress rental for photoshoots
  • Fashion show

For all questions related to my services or if you have special request, don’t hesitate to contact me by email or call 514.416.3335.


How to choose your fashion designer ?

Each fashion consultant has his or her own style. Personally, I prefer to find the best clothes according to my client’s body shape and not according to the latest trends.

How much do clothing consulting services cost ?

Prices in the market range from $75 to $150 an hour. Personally, my hourly rate is $ 60 per hour plus travel expenses if you are more than 20 km away from my showroom.

What is the availability to make an appointment ?

It depends on YOUR availability; morning, evening and weekend if necessary.

How to make an appointment ?

Just send an email notifying me of your availabilities.

How does a closet clean up work ?

It is suggested to do a preliminary sort to eliminate the clothes you will never wear again. On the morning of the appointment, bring out all your clothes from your drawers and wardrobe and place them on the bed. During your consultation, your clothes will be sorted: to give, to try on and to fix. Only the clothes you actually wear are kept and organized so as to make your morning clothing choice as easy as possible.

Is it necessary to see my closet before going shopping ?

In order to limit unnecessary purchases and find the essential parts, a preliminary visit in your closet saves time and money when shopping.

Take an appointment with me, YOUR fashion coach !

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