Stephanie Fernandes

As a management and fashion design graduate, I have always liked the sense of well-being that nice and comfortable clothes can bring. That is why, today, I dedicate my life to being a women’s fashion coach.

I show women to dress accordingly to their body shape without having to following fashion trends. In addition, since I learned how to sew when I was young, this allows me to understand how clothes are made and how they can enhance your body.

As a result, I can analyze your silhouette, I clean your wardrobe, I show you how to choose the right clothes, I assist you in your shopping process and help you find the rare gems that will make up your basics. Moreover, I offer a gown rental service for any occasion; my showroom includes more than 800 gowns in stock.  So what is stopping you from contacting me?!

My goal? To make you look and feel beautiful every morning!

My promise? Finding your clothing style in order to give you the professional look that reflects your image and your personality without breaking the bank.

New job, weight loss or did you recently become a mom? Are you ready to change your image? I am the person to help you.

Why buy a dress when you can rent it? More than 800 dresses available.

Whether it’s for a birthday, a bachelorette or just a party with friends, I will organize your event.

Do you dream of having a well-organized closet? Contact me!

Here are some of the dresses you could rent

Did you know you could offer a fashion consultation as a gift ??

Why is your image so important ?

The first impression : Did you know it only takes 8 seconds for someone to have an opinion on you based on your looks ?

Without even taking the time to speak to you, to know you, people judge you. The image you project can therefore affect many aspects of your life, especially your career.

Other than attitude, experience, knowledge, maturity, kindness, confidence and persistence, there is another important factor to achieve success: having a professional and clean image.

Your image is the first social language that allows you to communicate with others.

If you want to stop being ignored and finally convey a positive non-verbal language, you just need to improve your image. I can help you with this!

Paying attention to small details will allow not only improving your appearance and increasing your level of confidence, but this will automatically leave a positive impact on others. Then what is stopping you from making an appointment?

Make an appointment now with YOUR fashion coach !

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